Welcome to Verbum Dei Jesuit High School. We are a Jesuit, Catholic high school located in Watts with an enrollment of approximately 320 students. Part of the Cristo Rey Network, Verbum Dei Jesuit offers young men from supportive families of limited resources a college prep curriculum, corporate work experience, and faith formation that prepare them to graduate from college as men-with-and-for-others who serve their communities and pursue a more just and humane world for all. 
We invite you to familiarize yourself with Verbum Dei Jesuit’s “Vision, Mission and Values” so that you have a feel for the challenge and the promise of Jesuit education as it plays out at Verbum Dei Jesuit. We are privileged to work with those who some would consider “last” but we know are “first” in the Reign of God. Whatever role you are considering, you will be witness to a way of being in the world that is inclusive, generous, compassionate and forgiving – reflective of the message and ministry of Jesus. Verbum Dei Jesuit aims to be a place where students experience the world as it could be, not as it is for too many of them.

We are grateful for whatever life experiences led you to Verbum Dei Jesuit and thank you for joining us on the exciting and challenging journey of Jesuit education, where we are all learners and teachers.

Current Openings